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Essations is a customer-centric haircare brand founded on family values, providing solutions for every hair type. We are black-owned and family operated with over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry. We entered the hair market as a professional product line, quickly becoming a preferred brand among beauty professionals. Despite the many shifts in beauty trends and consumer demands over the past few decades, Essations has stood the test of time, becoming a staple in the hair community and the partner brand to salons and stylists across the nation. From salon to home, the once professional-only Essations brand now includes retail lines for use by the consumer at home.

We currently manufacture (in-house) the Essations Classic Collection, Tea Tree Solutions Collection, Sanity by Essations Collection, Naked by Essations Collection, and Naked X Extensions Care Collection – the world's first hair disinfecting/antibacterial system. Through these collections, we are able to provide a solution for every hair type. Essations has adopted one standard only - high quality performance. Leading the retail sales chart is our Naked at Home Collection, whose products have caught the attention of a global audience. After a video featuring the Naked by Essations Silk Press Kit went viral on social media in 2015, retail distribution expanded to Canada, the Cayman Islands, Paris, Bermuda, and Ghana.

Essations also provides turnkey or hybrid manufacturing solutions, along with private labeling, warehousing, and logistics services.

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The parent company for Essations, Clintex Laboratories, was established in 1981 as a manufacturer of quality personal care products.  We opened our doors committed to serving the community. Vowing to produce the best personal and hair care products marketed to the nation, we spent years in research and development, and were able to reach our goal of products unsurpassable in the market place. Though we began as a private labeling firm, our efforts in the innovation of hair products led us to beginning our own line, and through this vision Essations was born.  


Our commitment to providing excellence in hair care to the beauty professional was at the forefront of our mission to creating the Essations brand. Through supplying quality, innovative products, and providing cutting edge education, we have become a staple in the ethnic beauty industry, known as a partner in the advancement of stylists.  The other driving forces behind the passion we have for our industry include our family oriented and Christian value sets, and our commitment to fundraising and helping as many children and women as we can.  


Started by founders Josie and Stephen Luster, Sr., and now led by their children, President Stephanie Luster, Director of Operations Stephen Luster, Jr., and Director of Marketing Christal Luster Boynes, Essations is committed to continue growing in innovation and experience, with the licensed professional and the consumer in mind.  In memory of our angel Karen Luster Lockhart, we are congruent in our mission to push the Essations brands to their highest heights. 


We want our clients to have the very best personal care products available, so we use all the right ingredients needed to pamper, strengthen, nurture, and enliven the hair.  We believe that a good looking head of hair adds confidence and self-esteem; and we all know, if you look good, you will feel good, and that is what changes how a person meets and greets life in general.

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