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  • Do you provide a product ingredient list?
    All products include the ingredient listing on the back panel of the product packaging. 
  • When does the group coaching start?
    Group coaching starts October 17, 2022. 
  • How long does it take to receive products after purchase?
    Products are shipped from our warehouse within 2-4 business days from the date of purchase. Our shipping courier is FedEx Ground. Deliveries usually occur in 2-4 business days, but can take up to 7-10 business days. 
  • What’s the shelf life of the products?
    Products have a shelf life of at least two years. 
  • Is marketing included with the program?
    No marketing is including with the program, but we will be providing marketing resources and tools. 30 day free training program available to first 25 purchasers.
  • Do you offer financing?
    We offer bi-weekly and bi-monthly payment plans in 4 equal payments. When selecting a payment plan, products will be shipped once your final payment is made. 
  • Do I have to choose multiple products, or can I select just one product?
    Depending on the program you purchase, you’re afforded 4 or 5 product selections. You can make 4 or 5 selections of the same product, or mix them up to build a complete line. 
  • Do you provide custom products, or do I have to choose from what’s listed?
    In addition to our private labeling program, we also provide customized batch private labeling. This method gives you more control over what your product looks, feels, and smells like, but requires you to purchase products by the batch. Depending on the product and scope of the project, pricing could run anywhere from $8,000-$20,000 per product. This would be inclusive of standard containers, product fulfillment, artwork, and bottle printing/labeling. This does not include cost of shipping/freight.
  • Can I order more than one set?
    Yes, you can order as many product sets as you’d like. 
  • Can I pickup my products instead of having them shipped?
    Yes, local ordrs can be picked up from our South Chicago Heights warehouse.
  • Do I provide you with my logo for the label, or am I responsible for creating my own labels?
    You are responsible for providing your own labels for the front panel of your product packaging. The back panel already comes printed with product description and ingredients. We will provide you with templates that include packaging dimensions, as well as resources for vendors that will design and print labels. 
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